The Bridal Dressing Room is a comfortable climate-controlled room located in the Wedding Barn where you can make all your final preparations.  

From the Bridal Dressing Room, you can exit out the south back door and onto to the picturesque pathway that goes between the Wedding Barn and Corn Crib and leads into the expansive Barn Courtyard.

Or, if you prefer, you can exit the Wedding Barn through the Main Entrance into the Barn Courtyard in view of all your wedding guests seated under the Wedding Tree.

If you decide to have your ceremony at the Ranch Pond, you might want to exit the Bridal Dressing Room via the first-floor Banquet Room and out the south entrance onto the pathway leading to the Ranch Dock and Pond.

Or, you may wish to go up the Wedding Barn stairway to the second floor, exit through the south deck doorway and make your Wedding Ceremony entrance down the deck staircase in view of all your wedding guests seated facing the pond in front of the Wedding Dock.


Bride and Groom on Staircase

If your ceremony is at the Wedding Tree or Pole Barn you can make your entrance to the Courtyard from the Brides Room and the Gates, the big Wedding Barn Doors, or in a horse and carriage!  There are numerous possibilities.

Winter Wedding at the Barn