Civil War Ranch Wedding and Event Barn

Wedding & Event Barn Second-floor

The 1,200-square-foot second-floor Banquet Hall is L-shaped: The east section (north to south) is 40 x 40 feet; the west section (east to west) is 20 x 20 feet.

The exposed barn ceiling is 14 feet at the apex. The edges of the east and west walls are 4 feet high.

There are two 9’ x 6’ windows in the south wall that provide a beautiful view of the 2.5-acre ranch pond below and the surrounding woodlands.

A door, which is basically a large window, is at center of the south wall and leads to a 10’ x 30’ deck overlooking the pond.

The deck has a three-foot-wide stairway that descends to a pathway leading to the ranch pond and dock.

The second-floor Banquet Hall has eight light and ceiling-fan fixtures spaced throughout.

There is also a large window in the west section of the upstairs hall.

The main access to the upstairs hall is via a three-foot-wide stairway from the main floor of the Wedding Barn.


The Wedding Barn's first-floor Banquet Room

There are three sections on the first floor of the Wedding Barn/Events Center.
The east section contains two horse stalls with gravel floors.
The center section includes the 800-square-foot Banquet Room and the original tact closet on the north end.
The west section includes 9’ x 12’ men's restroom (north end), 12’ x 12’ women's restroom (center), 7’ x 16’ Bridal Dressing Room (southwest end), and 7’ x 16’ caterer preparation kitchen (southeast end).
Between the west section and the Banquet Room is the main hallway that runs from the Barn’s north entrance all the way to the south entrance, which leads to the ranch dock and pond. The hallway area also includes the stairway that leads to the second-floor Banquet Hall.
Ranch Pond and Dock
The spring-fed 2.5-acre ranch pond is just south of the Wedding Barn and Pond Pavilion. Many brides have chosen to do their wedding ceremony at the ranch pond dock with the guests, up to 200 seated in rows, enjoying a spectacular view of the pond and the surrounding trees and fona.
The Pond Pavilion
Once a neglected pile of rubble and varmint domain, the south side of the old corn crib at the Civil War Ranch has been transformed into one of the favorite shady places to relax, visit with friends and at the same time enjoy the incredible panoramic picturesque 2.5-acre pond and surrounding woodlands just to the south of the pavilion.


Ranch Pole Barn on the north side of the Courtyard
The 30’ x 70’ Pole Barn has a rock and concrete north wall and is open to the south.
The walls on the east and west are partially rock and concrete, and partially original wood paneling.
There are large openings on both the east and west walls.
The 2,100-square-foot Pole Barn is ideal for shaded outdoor meetings, luncheons, picnics, dinners, seminars, exhibits, birthday parties, reunions, wedding ceremonies and reception space.
The south side of the Pole Barn opens up to the 120’ x 70’ Barn Courtyard
(The Pole Barn and Courtyard are always rented together.)
The Pole Barn has lighting and numerous power outlets.
The guest parking lot (the ranch’s Outdoor Arena) is on the north side of the Pole Barn.
At the east end of the Pole Barn and extending south, is the courtyard flower beds and Rose Arbor.
To the east of the Rose Arbor are two regulation-size horseshoe pits.
Civil War Ranch Indoor Arena
The 160’ x 125’ Indoor Arena is available for large events, trade shows, exhibitions and livestock events. 
On the west side of the Indoor Arena, concrete bleacher seating is available for more than 200 guests. 
The Arena also has clean indoor restrooms and an indoor dining area.
The eastern section of the arena includes stalls that are perfect for trade show units, exhibit units or animal holding spaces.
The entrances on the north and south ends of the arena can accommodate large vehicles, including trucks.
Dining Area features
1. Two large counters
2. Up to 9 tables
4. Double-barrel wood heating stove
5. Forced air conditioning and heating system
6. There are large viewing windows on two sides of café.
7. Location is close to the Arena's main entrance and restrooms.


Planning a wedding, reunion, company or church party?

The Barn Complex is perfect for large parties and events, including:

  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • School reunions
  • Family reunions
  • Company picnics
  • Employee parties
  • Church parties
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibits
  • Square-dancing
  • Outdoor musical concerts
  • Chili Cookoffs
  • BBQ Cookoffs
  • Scout gatherings
  • Cowboy poetry festivals
  • Fiddler festivals
  • Tribal pow wows

The Barn Complex includes the Wedding Barn/ Events Center, Pole Barn, Courtyard and Ranch Pond Area.


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